Pipeline development strategy: miCure Therapeutics is a leading company in the field of RNA interference that focuses on innovative microRNA medicines to treat CNS disorders with high unmet medical need. Our lead investigational microRNA compound is miR-135, for major depression and treatment-resistant depression.


miR-135 is being developed to treat mood disorders, in particular major depression and treatment-resistant depression, a major unmet medical need with few therapeutic options currently available for patients and physicians. miR-135 targets, among others,  two important gene transcripts, Htr1a (serotonin receptor-1a) and Slc6a4 (serotonin transporter), both essential forintact serotonergic neuronal activity. Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that miR-135 levels in the blood and brain are significantly downregulated in depressed patients when compared to healthy controls, providing additional evidence for a role of mirR-135 in major depression.