miCure Therapeutics is a leading company in the field of RNA interference that was established in 2013 by a team of experienced biotech investors and entrepreneurs.  Originally based in Rehovot, Israel, the company is founded on the robust scientific discoveries made by leading scientists of the Weizmann Institute for Science, where a deep understanding of the biology behind microRNAs  involvement in central nervous system (CNS) related disorders, was gained.

Our lead developing program, miCure-135-X, focuses on innovative microRNA medicine for the treatment of major depression disorder (MDD) and treatment-resistant depression, both with high unmet medical need.  The development strategy of miCure-135-X program is to replenish the endogenous microRNA-135 level in a microRNA replacement therapy fashion. microRNA-135 levels are significally reduced in brains of suicide victims and in the blood of depressed patients -studies showed. Together with an overwhelming data demonstrating a direct involvement of this microRNA in anxiety and depression models and its ability to target several key genes that are associated with neuropsychatric disorders, microRNA-135 is been positioned as a key component that has the capability to regulate entire biological pathway that is pathogenically disrupted in depressed patient. 

miCure Therapeutics owns and employs a cutting edge nose-to-brain oligonucleodites delivery system which enables cell specific targeting. This technology gives an answer to the great challenge of compound delivery in the RNAi field. On top of utilizing the technology in the miCure-135-X program, this delivery method extends the pipeline potential to other CNS related disorders treatments like Parkinson and Alzeheimer. Read more about the technology